Yaskawa GA500 Inverter,CIPR-GA50T2006,


Yaskawa GA500 Inverter,CIPR-GA50T2006,

Yaskawa GA500 Ac Drive
Versatile Compact Type.

3Phase 400vac 0.2kw to 30Kw
CIPR-GA50B4001, CIPR-GA50B4002, CIPR-GA50B4004, CIPR-GA50B4005,
CIPR-GA50B4007, CIPR-GA50B4009, CIPR-GA50B4012, CIPR-GA50B4018,
CIPR-GA50B4023, CIPR-GA50B4031, CIPR-GA50B4038, CIPR-GA50B4044, CIPR-GA50B4060.

CIPR-GA50T4001, CIPR-GA50T4002, CIPR-GA50T4004, CIPR-GA50T4005,
CIPR-GA50T4007, CIPR-GA50T4009, CIPR-GA50T4012, CIPR-GA50T4018,
CIPR-GA50T4023, CIPR-GA50T4031, CIPR-GA50T4038, CIPR-GA50T4044, CIPR-GA50T4060.

3Phase 200vac 0.1kw to 22kw
CIPR-GA50T2001, CIPR-GA50T2002, CIPR-GA50T2004, CIPR-GA50T2006,
CIPR-GA50T2008, CIPR-GA50T2010, CIPR-GA50T2012, CIPR-GA50T2018,
CIPR-GA50T2021, CIPR-GA50T2030, CIPR-GA50T2042, CIPR-GA50T2056,
CIPR-GA50T2070, CIPR-GA50T2082,

CIPR-GA50B2001, CIPR-GA50B2002, CIPR-GA50B2004, CIPR-GA50B2006,
CIPR-GA50B2008, CIPR-GA50B2010, CIPR-GA50B2012, CIPR-GA50B2018,
CIPR-GA50B2021, CIPR-GA50B2030, CIPR-GA50B2042, CIPR-GA50B2056,
CIPR-GA50B2070, CIPR-GA50B2082,


Overload: 150% x 60 seconds. High Overload. (Once every 10 minutes)
Overload: 110% x 60 seconds. Fan/Pump Rated. (Once every 10 minutes)

Speed Control Range: 0-590Hz.

Braking (DBr): Built-in braking transistor for 100% Torque for 10 seconds every 100 seconds (10% duty cycle). A 32 Ohm minimum external resistor is required for Dynamic Braking. Resistor is not supplied and should only be fitted if this feature is required.

Includes removable Operator Keypad, 2 Analogue Inputs, 7 Digital Inputs, 1 Pulse Input, 1 Analogue Outputs, 1 Pulse Output, 2 Digital Outputs, 1 Relay Output, USB mini-B port for PC connection.
Serial Communications: Terminals for MEMOBUS/Modbus RS485 (Wired)
Safe Torque Off (STO) function to SIL3 (EN61800-5-2)
24V DC input to power the control unit when the main supply is disconnected. (24V, 700mA nominal)

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