590PXD Control Door


590PXD Control Door

Parker SSD Spare Control Door Assembly for 590P, 591P,590PX, 591PX, 598P, 599P DC Thyristor Drives.

Fitted to 590PX, 591PX in frame sizes 1,2 3,6 & size H, also used on external stack 598P and 599P DC thyristor drives

The ratings are:- for old style stacks

Size 1-2 - 35,110,150
Size 3 - 180A, 270A
Frame 6 - 1250A, 1600A, 1950A
Frame H - 1200A, 1700A, 2200A, 2700A
598P or 598P External Stack Drives 60A and 120A Field ratings

Door is formed of 3 pcb's, the Control pcb,Adaptor pcb (fitted on the left hand side viewed from the front) and the LED pcb and 6901 Keypad
Includes the Control board AH500075U002, Adaptor pcb AH466405U001, LED pcb AH466405U901


Manufacturers Part number:  590PXD-0011-UK-0 or see also 590PXD/0011/UK/0 also known as LA466454U001


Manufacturer is Parker Hannifin SSD Drives Division, previously known as SSD Drives, Eurotherm Drives and Shackleton System Drives.

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